Things your wedding planner takes care of on your wedding day

By Amber Frawley, Owner of Pineapple Punch Events
and Tabitha Mason, Managing Partner of Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

They say 2022 is the year of the weddings, but you really can still get married this year…and you really can enjoy planning your wedding!  To ensure planning a 2022 wedding is as stress free as possible, we’ve partnered to offer complimentary planning for select remaining summer 2022 weekend dates.  

Hiring a wedding planner or coordinator is one of the smartest investments that you and your partner can make in your wedding planning. This is a day celebrating the two of you. It should only make sense that you enjoy it and are not worrying about completing tasks, checking in on vendors or worrying about your family doing these things. Be present in your day and leave the task list to your planner! 

At Cornman Farms, we recommend that all of our Bespoke wedding couples hire a wedding planner, because we’ve seen too many families and wedding parties spend the day stressed trying to decorate and orchestrate instead of simply enjoying the day.  

Here’s a list of just some of the tasks that your planning or coordinator will be accomplishing for you on your wedding day!

  • Ensure that vendor team details are confirmed and load-in/load-out times are organized prior to the big day.
  • Check in with the set-up crew to make sure that the layout is correct.
  • Double check the amount of chairs per table based on the seating arrangements.
  • Set out your event signage.
  • Fold and set out your escort cards or place cards (Yes, those are two different things! One “escorts” you to your seat and the other waits for your at your “place.”).
  • Check in with the getting ready groups- everyone good? Need refills? Wardrobe assistance?
  • Make sure that bouquets, boutonnieres, and personal flowers are set out accordingly.
  • Pin boutonnieres! Mentally prepare for that one person that will fake “ow” while pinning.
  • Work with the photo/video team to make sure that pre-ceremony photo timing is on schedule.
  • Fold those napkins! (take a stretch break) Continuing folding napkins and creating beautiful place settings.
  • Complete set-up of approved ceremony, cocktail hour and reception decor.
  • Assistant planner welcomes and guides your guests to the ceremony location.
  • Ceremony time! Your planner lines up your family and wedding party, then cues you down the aisle! While also making sure to triple check that the designated people have rings, vow books, etc. 
  • Be sneaky during the ceremony; time to light candles and get ready to guide guests to the cocktail hour experience.
  • Bevies! Post-ceremony we are waiting for you and your partner with a little refresher before family pictures!
  • Setting out preferred drinks at the head table for you and your wedding party prior to introductions.
  • Welcoming and guiding guests into the reception area and helping them find their table. 
  • Throughout the day, pinning, sewing, handing out band-aids and shout wipes, as needed with all of the items in our emergency kit.
  • Lining up your wedding party and giving instructions on where to go for introductions. At this point, I love to visually show your wedding party a drawing which shows the seating order. Before we kick off, we check in with your photo/video team and DJ to make sure that everyone is ready to go!
  • More bevies needed? We got you, enjoy your food and conversation!
  • Sunset time! We schedule in sunset photo time ahead of time with your photo/video team according to sunset timing that day and day-of make sure that you’ve got everything you need before dashing off; bouquet, jacket, additional accessories.
  • Show you how to cut your cake and then quickly jump out of the way while cheering you on.
  • Making sure that all of the needed people for formal dances are in the room before beginning, in case someone is using the loo or ran out to their car, etc. 
  • Start packing up “unneeded” decor items without dismantling your wedding, getting things ready for the end of the night.
  • Working with your caterer or delivery company to set out late night snacks and needed accessories. Then letting your DJ know to announce it’s ready!
  • Safety first everyone- we keep an eye throughout the day to make sure that all of your guests are staying safe and helping to take care of their needs as well. 
  • End of the night, we help tidy up your items so that you’re ready to go! ie. signs, leftover cake, decor, centerpieces, wardrobe and more!
  • The best part of the day are end of the night hugs! We love what we do! 

There’s so much more that goes into your wedding day; for us, it is definitely a labor of love and it is our pleasure to provide these services to make sure you and your partner have a memorable day!  Learn more about Bespoke Weddings HERE and inquire for more details!


Don’t just take our word for it!

Hear from some couples who got married at Cornman Farms and hired Pineapple Punch events!

“I can’t say enough good things about Amber and her team at Pineapple Punch, who stuck with us through two separate postponements and helped keep 15 months of low-key panic in check as we waited to see if the pandemic would allow us to have the wedding we’d been dreaming of. We signed on for month-of planning, but well before the month of, it felt like Amber was always there with an answer or reassurance over email as we muddled our way through our DIY planning. I thought we did a pretty decent job, but once we hit the month-of and Amber started doing her thing in earnest, it was eye-opening — we would have missed so many crucial details without her help! And on the day of, she and Jennifer were on top of every. last. thing, from the decor (which they executed even better than I had imagined, and made some smart improvisations along the way) to the timing of the ceremony (which we didn’t bother to rehearse beforehand, lol) to searching for the groom’s lost cufflink (in the grass! at night!). And yeah, you better believe they found that sucker! To be frank, I’m an A-type planner by nature who loves making lists and I always thought putting together a wedding would be the ultimate confirmation of my skills — I kind of assumed I could do it without a planner, and initially only sought out a day-of coordinator because the venue strongly suggested it. But now that I’m on the other side of it I can laugh at how foolish that was, and now when anyone asks me for wedding advice, my first response is, for the love of god, hire a coordinator, and if your wedding is in Michigan, absolutely hire Pineapple Punch. You will not regret it.” – Genevieve & Steve

“Amber and her team were an incredible asset to me and my wife throughout the wedding planning process and on the day of. Though we had only hired them as “month-of coordinators’ ‘, they gave us a software that was incredibly helpful from the beginning to end of planning, and were ALWAYS there with helpful answers to all of our many questions. They kicked into high gear closer to the event and managed everything beautifully. Our wedding day was completely stress free, and having Amber and Roxy there with us was an utter delight. I would HIGHLY recommend you go with this super amazing, super supportive, and super affordable team. Of all the money we spent, this is the piece I would spend again in a heartbeat!!! Worth every penny and more. Would also recommend Pineapple Punch for LGBTQ+ weddings.” -Robyn & Katie

Learn more about Bespoke Weddings HERE and inquire for more details!

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