Pre-Event Wedding Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing Cornman Farms for your intimate wedding! Please answer the following questions to allow us to bring your ideal wedding day to life.

  • The Couple

  • Ceremony

  • Wedding Menu

  • Wedding Cake

    For Cake Flavors, there's the cake itself, any possible fillings and the frosting (we recommend flavored frostings between the layers and a traditional vanilla buttercream for the outside of the cake)! YUM!
  • These combinations below were in the sample cake box you received from the farm. please select one or skip this question and move on to the next to create a custom wedding cake.
  • Custom Wedding Cake

    please select a cake flavor, buttercream filling and/or yummy filling to create your custom wedding cake.
  • Photography

  • Please include a list of all required formal photographs (e.g. you and your partner with your mom and dad, just you with your siblings). We recommend keeping the list to around 5-8 groupings. This does not include photos of just the two of you, wedding party, ceremony or reception shots.
  • If so please list those and the order. (ie. unity candles, flowers to the parents, etc)
  • Florals