What do you call an American harvest feast created by a British chef?

We think Britsgiving has a nice ring to it!

For a day that seems so purely all-American, it can be easy to forget festivals honoring the harvest have taken place across the globe for centuries. Harvest festivals are traditionally held near the beginning or end of harvest season and include eating, singing, merriment, and decorating with the season’s bounty.

The holiday we know as Thanksgiving was brought to America by pilgrims, preserving England’s harvest celebration, a custom rooted in pagan times. Other notable harvest festivals include the Native American harvest festival, Chinese mid-autumn festival, the Jewish celebration of Sukkot, Bali’s rice harvest festival, Ghana’s yam festival, and India’s Pongal festival.

As you can see, our human connection to the land and celebration of the resources it provides us is something that unites us all, and has long been a tradition for cultures around the world.

No matter what the origin story of your harvest celebration is, or who cooks it, we believe the most important element of any celebration is gathering around the dinner table. If you feel like spending less time in the kitchen and more time at the table this year, order your Thanksgiving meal to-go from Cornman Farms!

Our Thanksgiving menu offers all the classic elements of the holiday meal, plus a few dishes if you feel like trying something new.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Britsgiving!

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