Creme Brulee
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A food-first event venue

Much like the kitchen is the heart of any home, ours is the heart and soul of Cornman Farms. The maestro of our kitchen is our Founder and Executive Chef, Kieron Hales.

Chef Kieron carrying a tray of food
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About our chef

Chef Kieron grew up in England and began working in Michelin-star restaurants at the age of 13—but these days there’s nowhere he’d rather cook than here. For him, the cultivation, preparation and enjoyment of food is deeply personal. What he can’t grow in his lovingly tended chef’s garden, he sources from local farmers and vendors he trusts—something he believes makes food more meaningful.

With every dish, Chef Kieron aims to create flavors that evoke emotion and feelings of home. Finding inspiration in his mum’s handwritten recipes, his years in world-renowned kitchens and his collection of 8,000 cookbooks, he creates meaningful menus that you’ll always remember. Or you can draw from your own favorite food memories. Bring Chef Kieron your most cherished family recipes and he’ll gladly make them part of your gathering. Don’t be surprised if he can make them taste even better than Grandma did—he’s just that good.

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Chef's garden

Inspired by Ballymaloe in Ireland, Cornman Farms’ garden is probably Chef Kieron’s second-favorite space, just steps from his farmhouse kitchen. The four-season garden is both functional—growing vegetables and herbs for use in the culinary staff’s creations—and educational. During our FarmHand Programs or on event days, Chef Kieron loves to show visitors how his garden grows, and impress upon them how much better food tastes when it’s grown on-site, with loving care. Throughout the year, our seasonal menus are based on what is growing in our own garden as well as at other local farms. What is not used during harvest, we preserve by pickling vegetables and making jams, chutneys and sauces for use in our winter menus.

Of course, our garden is also one of the lovely spaces available for exploring and photographing during your event.