Jelly Beans

Looking for a fun kitchen activity with the kids? Take a cue from Chef Kieron who often entertains his two sons with fun recipes in their home kitchen. His homemade jelly bean recipe was recently a huge hit with the boys, especially when the rock tumbler came out to help smooth their jelly beans to perfection. Take a peek at the step-by-step recipe below!

Homemade Jelly Bean Recipe Homemade Jelly Bean Recipe


  • Jelly bean molds (available on Amazon )
  • Digital thermometer
  • Rock tumbler, optional (available on Amazon )


  • 500g (2 cups) cornstarch
  • 108g (7.2 tbsp) sugar
  • 40g (2.5 tbsp) water
  • 20g (4 tsp) glucose syrup
  • 5g (1 tsp) cornstarch

For Coating

  • Food coloring and flavoring of your choice
  • Caster sugar (or superfine sugar)
  • Beeswax


  1. Use the cornflour to make the molds for the jelly beans.
  2. Mix together the sugar and cornflour until smooth then add the water and syrup. Heat to 245F (we recommend using a candy thermometer).
  3. Pour into the molds and leave to cool for at least a couple of hours (or preferably overnight).
  4. Sift off the cornflour.
  5. Coat with Corn Syrup then make a mix of food colouring and flavoring.
  6. Then dust with sugar.
  7. Repeat as needed no more than 3 times.
  8. Place in rock tumbler with 50g sugar for 4-6 hours.
  9. Then remove and dust off excess sugar. Add grated beeswax and tumble for up to 2 days.