Local Wedding Experts Share Top Tips for Your Summer Wedding

As mid-summer settles in, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the beautiful season than with a summer wedding here at the farm. Our gardens are looking more bountiful than ever, our herb gardens are blossoming, the corn stalks are growing higher and the sunsets are just stunning. As we revel in summer’s splendor, we thought we’d check in with the experts and find out why they love summer weddings in Michigan. Here are some of the top tips for getting married in the summer from some of our favorite wedding experts. 

1. Bold Colors

Go Bold with Color. The sky’s the limit when it comes to summer color.  Flowers are a great way to incorporate an impactful pop of color while still maintaining a natural vibe. Also, stay hydrated. The importance of staying hydrated on a warm day cannot be understated, so why not incorporate your favorite summer flavors in a refreshing pre-ceremony mocktail?  We love serving them in festive, specialty glassware to set the tone for the celebration to come!

Cassy Anderson, Cassy Rose Events

2. Summer Sunsets

I think the best part of getting married in the summer are the sunsets! As a photographer, we are always chasing pretty light and Michigan does not disappoint. Planning in your timeline for 30 minutes with your photographer around sunset will not only get you some amazing photos but will also give you time alone together as a newly married couple.

Hannah Metler, Lola Grace Photography

3. Floral Bounty

As a florist, I look forward to the floral bounty that late summer brings. Locally grown flowers, foliages, fruit, and herbs all add richness to the arrangements. A snapshot of place, and a moment in time- the perfect way to celebrate such a meaningful day! 

Susan McCleary, Passionflower

4. Nature's Beauty

Outdoor weddings are definitely a favorite here at Luna Soiree Events, and that’s what summer is all about—being outdoors and allowing the beauty of nature to provide the ambience for your celebration. We love using seasonal florals, lots of greenery and other natural elements within our event design, and with so many options to choose from during the summer months, it’s almost impossible not to have a gorgeous event. Another bonus? Even when it rains, you can end up with amazing sunsets and incredible twilight photos!

Kaeli Garcia,Luna Soiree Events

5. Seasonal Produce

There is no denying that summers on the farm are magical but my absolute top reason I love summer weddings is being able to use the plethora of seasonal produce in the kitchen, but especially in our cocktails. Our chef’s garden has a variety of about 27 different vegetables, from blueberries, elderflower and Hungarian peppers to lovage, beets, rhubarb (from my mother’s garden) and much more. Farm-to-table is such a popular choice for today’s wedding menus so why not elevate that theme through your cocktails as well. It’s a wonderful way to tell the story of your surroundings on your wedding day.  Some of our summer favorites include Rhubarb infused simple syrup with Prosecco and Lavender infused simple syrup paired with vanilla bean-infused vodka, fresh lemon juice and sparkling water. 

Kieron Hales, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms