Food on plate

How to create a wedding menu that is both personal to you and pleases your guests.

As with most of the choices you’ll make along the path of planning your special day, from the style of the cake to the vibe of the venue, there are plenty of opportunities to reflect both your personal taste and the story of your relationship. Your food menu can also be a place to make your wedding feel personal to you. No need to go with the predictable old standards.

1. Consider Location

Let the setting of your celebration guide your menu selections. Dishes that the city or region is known for, locally grown produce that’s in season, or food that fits the venues atmosphere can all be great cues for what to serve.

Tabitha Mason, co-managing partner of Cornman Farms shares “My husband and I got married in Jamaica, and one of our wedding cake layers was fruit cake made with local fruit. I never would have chosen a fruit cake here at home, but it was a treat for us and our guests to have something that spoke to the land and the people.”

2. Pick Meaningful

The best menu includes nods to your journey together–an appetizer you shared on your first date, an entreé inspired by where you got engaged, or a family recipe you love to make together at home. A great chef will learn your story and weave it into a unified menu that is both personal to you and wildly delicious for your guests.

Kieron Hales, co-managing partner of Cornman Farms says “I’ve cooked in restaurants all over the world for more than 20 years. When I opened Cornman Farms, I realized that what brings me the most joy is working with couples to identify what dishes hold a special place in their heart and crafting a custom menu around that.”

3. Think Seasonally

Using the season of your wedding as a prompt can help inform your menu choices, too. It certainly results in fresher, better tasting food when you use what is local and in season. It also adds to the atmosphere of your event when the food is seasonally appropriate. Think of a ripe, colorful summer fruit salad or a comforting, warm root vegetable pureé in the fall.

4. Don’t Go Overboard

Remember to keep it simple. You want your guests to be comfortable with the food served and to leave feeling satisfied. It is possible to go overboard and end up with a hodgepodge of your favorite foods that don’t form a cohesive menu. Balance is key. Think of your wedding meal as a gift to your guests to thank them for attending your celebration.

5. Think Through Logistics

The number of invited guests, your preferred service style (plated, family style, buffet) and your budget will also be important factors to consider when making your selections. These factors can narrow down the options for you. Perhaps you adore making cheese soufleé together at home, but serving it to 200 guests at once just isn’t in the cards. Lobster tails might be your favorite, but if it doesn’t fit your reception budget, it might be better suited for the rehearsal dinner or a honeymoon meal. A great event planner will help you make menu choices that create the right event for your needs.

6. Add Something Extra

Give your guests an even more memorable experience by capping off their evening with fun late night snacks. This detail can be greatly appreciated after hours of drinking and dancing! Some of the most popular snacks at Cornman Farms include grilled cheese and tomato soup dippers, fish and chips, cookies and milk, s’mores and of course, pizza.

Remember your wedding menu isn’t limited to just food. Carry your theme throughout the experience by personalizing signature beverages for your event such as unique cocktails, infused teas, and flavored lemonades.

The first step in wedding menu planning at Cornman Farms is for couples to complete a “getting to know you” survey, so we can guide you through these 5 steps and create your perfect wedding menu! Contact Cornman Farms