Kristen & Jessica

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Kristen and Jessica’s Elopement wedding was both intimate and romantic. The two said their vows beneath the wedding tree in the Front Grove before retiring to the Farmhouse for a private dinner. They ended the night by our outdoor fire pit, sipping a glass of wine and watching the sun go down.



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Meet the couple

Kristen & Jessica

Kristen and Jessica met in college but lost touch for almost six years before their reunion and subsequent engagement. The couple wed in August and elected to have no guests at their ceremony, rather using Cornman Farms event staff as witnesses and sharing a private romantic evening on the property.

Cornman Farms could not have made our wedding any easier! From the very first emails we exchanged to set up a visit, to the actual planning, to the day itself, everything was made so easy for us and everyone we worked with was incredible. We frequently tell people that if we could go back, we wouldn’t do our wedding any differently!

Kristen & Jessica
Wedding cake
Two women holding hands

The Ceremony

All I Need is You

Kristen and Jessica saw each other for the first time as they entered their ceremony from opposite sides of the Farmhouse. They each held beautiful floral arrangements, full with ranunculus and dahlias, which perfectly complemented their custom made wedding dresses. With only the two of them present, they embraced the intimacy and romance of their elopement as they stood before the officiant and read their vows.

Closeup of bride holding bouquet
A closeup of the bride's bouquet.
Two brides turning away from the camera
The newlyweds share a quiet moment.

The Reception

Dinner for Two

Following their ceremony, they were seated in our historic Farmhouse for a private supper, complete with mustard and honey pork loin cocktail appetizers and a smoked salmon entree, made in our property’s smokehouse. After enjoying their Zingerman’s Bakehouse wedding cake, Kristen and Jessica retired to the outdoor fire pit with a bottle of wine to watch the sun go down.

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