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Dexter, Michigan

Why Cornman Farms?

As a Zingerman’s business, our mission is to enrich as many lives as we possibly can. To us, this includes employees as well as customers.

Nothing is more important to us than providing a safe work place. Learn about our COVID related health & safety policies.

2025 Vision

Managing Partners Kieron Hales & Tabitha Mason wrote this Picture of Success in 2017. We share it here to give you a glimpse into who we are and what is important to us.

“The sun is shining and the air is crisp – a beautiful day at Cornman Farms.   It has been over 10 years now since the first event was held at the farm.  We relish our decade of memories, recalling the joy and wonder our many guests and employees have experienced:  First taking in our manicured lawn and lovingly restored red barn (so welcoming against the green farm backdrop), smelling the rich soil as it’s tilled in preparation for planting season, reveling in the peals of laughter from generations of family playing lawn games together, the wonder of the first time really feeling the heft of a ripe heirloom tomato or the wooly caress of a sheep.

It’s this poetry of the senses that first communicates we are different (real!) and the delight of this discovery is immediate and intense.  To us, this is part of providing the Zingerman’s experience.  Our connection with our guests extend beyond the event or the day itself.  We are a part of the memories being made and they have become part of our family and we part of theirs.

Employees, Partners and guests alike respect the roots that have been here for decades and we are all thrilled to be able to plant our own.  Coming to Cornman Farms is like coming home.”